Monday, March 13, 2006


This is Oxford Brookes University where I'll study abroad for a year from this summer. This is in England. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, that's awesome!!!!! Don't you think so?! coz I can see cool fashion, football and real European style buildings there!! And also, I can drink a lot!!!!!!!! I'm really looking forward to them, especially drinking. But I'll study abroad as an exchange student, so I won't study Engllish there and I'll study Management and Marketing with local students. It must be hard... I'm worried about it coz class style in England is completely different from classes in Japan. Anyway, I wanna have a goooood time in England.
it's gonna be fun to study in another country! but the way, it was really fun to hung out to the clubS the last weekend :-) i was tired though.... let's plan another party soon ;)
how are you doing? It's been long time!

you know what i have a frined who is now in the school you are gonna go to this summer. She says she has a lot more free time than she expected. she really has a good time there. and there are so many chinese students.(chinese are EVERYWHERE though)

I'm sure you'll have a good time there too.
hey Yuri! i think your university is cool, but Wittenberg is also awesome!! i decided to take 総1which we can learn Management next semester!! you should take it too!!
anyway, have a nice stay in Hiroshima!!
hey!long time no see,yuri!
i couldn't find your message on my blog cuz i didn't see for a long time,so sorry.
anyway,is it your uni in england?!oh my god,so cool!!!!you must be happy to study at there everyday.
but...i want you to study at Ve..uni in Sweden!!ha,ha.
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