Friday, January 06, 2006


Hi, everyone!!! HEP FIVE's bargain sale was started today. So, this weekend is really busy!!!! I'll work for 40 hours this week!!!!!!!!! Today was the first day of the sale. Although today is weekday, many people visited HEP FIVE. And, they bought many clothings!!!!!!!!! Did you buy anything in sale? Have a nice weekend!!

Hi Yuri!!
I can't go shopping because of my part time job(>_<)but I'm
happy to have much money recently☆
I'll go to see you working in GAP Umeda someday!!!
Hi, Yuri!
Wow,it sounds nice HEP has been held the bargain!=) I wanna go there!! But I cannnot do that because of the same reason as Mayuko.=(
I hope you are still fine with those hard schedule! If I have a chence, I really wanna go to HEP UP BARGAIN!!
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