Friday, December 09, 2005


Hi, everyone!!!!!!!
Today, I had no classes, so I went shopping!! I boght "CURTAIN CALL" by EMINEM. I was looking forward to the CD coz it was his first best album. His songs might remind people of violence...but the songs are really cool!!...for example, "Lose Yourself". Have you ever seen the recent i Tune's CM? The song you can listen in CM is "Lose Yourself"!!!!! The album also includes popular songs such as "Without Me" and "Stan". You should listen it!! By the way, his life is also interesting. He is a singer and a father. He has a daughter. He really loves her. When I heard it, I was surprised coz he always looked strong and I couldn't believe that he had a family. Anyway, the new album was awesome!!!!! In addition, it might be hislast work...

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