Sunday, November 27, 2005


This is Mishima Yukio who is Japanese writter. When I was a high school student, I read his book, Kinkaku-ji, for the first time. It was a really amazing story because the expression of scenery was so beautiful. I was moved and I felt like to seeing Kinkaku-ji, but unfotunately I couln't see it because it was far from my hometown to Kyoto. I was a high school student, so I couldn't go to Kyoto easily. Therefore, I decided to visit Kinkaku-ji in Kyoto when I entered a college in Kansai Area. The dream came true last year. I could visit Kinkaku-ji. I was moved again and I was happy to see it. Mishima's life was strange. When he was a kid, his grand mother forced him to stay inside of his house and he always studied ans read many kinds of books. The factors led him to desire to be a strong man, and he started to write books based on his real life and desire to become a strong man. He became a popular writter. He, however, changed strangely. He thought that Japan needed the army and he was like a militarist. Although he organized his army, the idea was not accepted among Japanese people. When he realized it, he decided to kill himself. His death was shocking. Some people thought that he was crazy. He might have been crazy, but also he was a great writter. Mishima Yukio's books are wonderful. I especially recommend Kinkaku-ji.
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