Thursday, November 24, 2005


Hi!!!!!!!!!!! I went to Kuzuha Mall with my friend, Chie, after school yesterday. I suddenly felt like to going to go shopping. So, I dicided to go to Kuzuha Mall. We went shoppinig and ate Okonomiyaki as a dinner. I bought gloves at GAP and sweaters in UNIQULO. I bought lots, but they were not so expensive and they were sale goods. When we left Kuzuha, it was too coooold!!!!!!!!! I thought that it was already winter!!!!!!!!!! Today's post is short coz I don't have much time now!!!!!! See you.
Hi, how are you doing? I want to go shopping but I don't have time nor money... Today, I'm gonna go on campimg, and probably I'll drink too much. Actually, I don't want to drink today, but my Korean friend really likes to drink. I hafta be his company... He said, "Let's drink until we're gonna die." I don't wanna die...
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