Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Hello. How's your class? One of the classes I take is very difficult!!!!!!!!!! That's "Strategic Management". The class is for interenational students in CIE. There are many reasons why it is difficult. One is discussion. I've never discussed in class, so I have no idea what I should talk during discussion. I sometimes feel that I am like a audience in the class. At the first time, I was surprised at other students coz each of them had opinions and they told the opinions strongly. I got a kind of culture shock and I asked myself why I couldn't do that. The other reason is that topics are complicated. Althogh they are based on Japanese business situation, international students know much more information about Japanese business than me. I was always worried about the class, but there are some helpful things for me in the class. For example, the students are multinational, they are from US, Germany, Mexico, Australia, Korea...and more maybe 13, 14 different countries!!!!!!! So, I can learn many kinds of culture. I believe that it is good experience for me and I need to study more!!!!!!!!

Thanks for posting on my blog. How long have you been studying Korean? I studied for a few years but this summer I took my first Korean class in Seoul. Where did you go in Korea?
wow! you take a great class!
I heard the word "multinational" for the first time!

by the way I wanna visit your working place some day!
Hi, Yuri!
Do you remember me? It's Kana. You're studying with exchange students, aren't you? It sounds difficult, but it's good because you can ask something or be friend with them! Now, I'm taking business classs with Japanese students, but it's difficult also for me! I guess it's good experience for us to take such a difficult classes!
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