Tuesday, October 04, 2005


First of all, I wrote a new blog yesterday, but it disappeared before publishing!!!!!! Where's it gone? It was completed, so I was saaaaaaaaaaad!!!!
Anyway, I'm trying to write a new one now. Recently, a new boss belonged to my workplace. He used to work for GAP adult in the same store with me. So, I had seen him and known his name, but we hadn't talked to each other. He was promoted to be a manager of GAP kids and he became my boss. He used to work as a part time job, so he made a Cinderella story!!!!!!!! He's really kind coz he gave me a lot of advice. Moreover, we talked a lot of things about our store. He asked me which school I go to during talking, and I answered that I go to Kansai Gaidai. Then, he was surprised at it coz he also went to Kansai Gaidai!!!!!!!! He graduated from the school before I entered. It was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway, he is a really passionate guy!!!!!
In addition, a president of GAP who is from the USA visited my store last weekend!!!!!

hey yuri!! long time no see!!! how have you been doing?
that's so cool that your new boss has just graduated from Kansaigaidai :)
we have GAP in Denver and i went there!! and i was sooooooooo surprised how many size they have!!!they have size 16!! i've never seen that size in Japan so i was soooooooo surprised!!!
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