Friday, October 28, 2005


Hello, guys!!!!!!!!!
I went to Panasonic factory with my class mates of the management class as a field trip. We went to "Matsushita Electric House of History" to learn the history of Panasonic and Kounosuke Matsushita who founded the company. So, we didn't see inside of the factory. Firstly, we watched a movie about the company and Mr. Matsushita. After that, we went around the museum. It was fun and amazing coz we saw some old electric goods such as old style TV and washing machine. There was a game machine in the final part of the museum. The game was that if you passed 4 Qs, you can get purikura seals. Fortunately, I passed it and I got seals of me and my class mates!!!!!! I had a gooooooood time with my friends!!!!!!!!!!!!

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