Thursday, September 08, 2005


How's it going, everyone?
I haven't been able to sleep well these days...I know the reason why I can't sleep well. Maybe, girls understand me!! I always think the problem I can't concentrate sleeping!!!!!!!!! To make matters worse, my voice has been changed, become husky since last week. I had had a sore throat for first a few days. After that, my voice has been husky without a sore throat. However, I've had a sore throat again recently. My friend said "Your voice sounds cool!!" But I don't think so coz my voice is important for my job, so I don't like my husky voice. Though I haven't been to the doctor yet, I think that the sore throat is related to the sleeplessness. Anyway, I hope that I can solve my problem soon. Have a nice weekend!!! See you soon.

hey yuri!! how's it going?
i wanna hear your husky voice♪ that'll be really cool!! now i'm in Denver and i'm in my dorm. DU is totally bigger than KGU and it's so hot in daytime!! i'm gonna keep blogging and posting photos so please check my blog when you have time!!!
i hope you have fun in your CIE class!!!
See ya ;)
Hi, thank you for your e-mail!
I also have sore throat now. It's reall annoying! I know I have to stop smoking, but I can't...
I think you get your voice soon. It is just temporal. Anyway, you had better go to a hosptal soon.
I want to hear your voice too!! it must be funny i guess!!hehehe

I'm going to take Women's studies, canadian studies, environmental studies and Human rights.
hi,yuri!long time no see on web! i thought your voice surely became husky yesterday,but i like it cuz so cool! anyway, i also hope you'll be happy with ....ha,ha! Go,yuri! I'M ALWAYS ON YOUR SIDE!!see you!
Do you know if you have a cup of warm milk befoe you go to bed, you can sleep very well. This reaaly work well. Try it!
Take care of your health!
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