Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Hello, guys!!!!!!! How are you doing?
Do you enjoy summer vacation? me?! I'm working...even Obon holidays!!!!!! Do you believe it?!!!! I'm very very busy these days, but I really enjoy working!!!!!!!!!!! coz I can work hard as a member of GAP. I think that working and service in cloths shop are difficult, but they are also challenging!!!!!! so, I want to improve my technique to sell cloths during this summer. In addition, I took interesting training in my store. It was learning the history of GAP and discussion our service. I could know many new things!!!!!!!

Today, I was surprised at one was that my friend visited my store. She is Emi who is my class mate!!!!!!!!! Thanks for coming GAP, Emi!!!!!!!

Hello, Yuri chan!!
I know that how hard you work almost every day and how much you like your job!! ☆☆ It surprised me that Emi visited Gap! It sounds so nice! =) I wish that I can visit there too when you are working. =)

I really enjoyed last Tuesday! =)
Thank you very much★★ Let's go out somewhere together again!!
Hi, Yuri!
Long time no see!
I could't go to Osaka to see you... because it takes much money and tome to take a train to go to Osaka from my house.And I began to save money!!Let's meet 8/27!! I love you~~♪
hey yuri!!! that was great to see you working ;) whenever i went on GAP, i looked for you but i couldn't find you working till today!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i looked for a pair of jeans which is for sale, but that was already sold... poor me:(
i'm gonna blog about my life in US, so please check it when you have time♪
see ya!!!
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Hey Yuri!
I'm sure I get lost at my university unitl i get used to it.
By the way, you should delete the comment above mine!
6 days a week?! Isn't it illegal???
But your part-time job relates what you want to be in the future. I think it is good!!! So do your best!!!
By the way, I'm planning to go New Oreans and Atranta. Doesn't it sound good?!! I'll enjoy watching baseball game there!
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Hi Yuri!I took the first class with foreign students yesterday,and i think it is the most difficult subject i have ever taken-:)
By the way I bought some clothes for sale at GAP in Kobe. They are really cute! I hope you take a look at my new clothing and give me some advise(^^)
see you soon☆
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