Saturday, July 23, 2005


Have you ever heard white band? It is a campaign to help poor African children. The poor children are dying once 3 seconds and 30,000 children are dying every day. The symbol of this campaign is just wearing the white band. You can buy it by 300 yen in big book stores, TOWER RECORDS and Franc franc(furniture stores). The campaign is related to G8 that was held in UK this month and LIVE 8 that was held 7 countries on July 2nd. So, many famous people agree to the campaign, for example, Brad Pitt, U2, David Beckham, Hidetoshi Nakata, etc. I hope that many people join the campaign coz it is worldwide and people in developed countries have to consider poor people especially children and help them. If you are interested in the campaign and agree to it, join it and wear the white band. Also, you can check website!!

How kind you are!! Thank you sooo much for telling us about it!! I really would like to get the White Band to help many poor people!!
I had never known it until you told me. Is the band popular??
Does our friend,Masa also wear it??
I may have seen he wears it,but I am not sure.
I think people in an advanced countries such as us do not know how people in developing countries spend their lives. We should care and save them a lot!!
Thank you for your nice information!!! I'll get it as soon as possible!
Hi yuri!!
actually my friend bought it and is wearing it!!!!!!!! so i heard about this story from her and i was touched!!! if i find one, i will definitely get one!!
see you at the party :)
Hey yuri!! Who is that cool guy in the picuture on your blog!!lol Mr sakurai san!!! I actually planed to write it down on the blog, but I was too lasy to attempt it!! It is nice of you that you also get white band!! In fact, I put this around my list with poor reason, harf of me are thinking this band as fashion. I know that is not good, if I have oppornutiy to do volunteer about this story, I will try to join it and get experienced about that. If so, I can really consider about the children who is strugging to alive. By the way I'm not good soccer player!! I'm just a person who like playing soccerlol
Hello-!! I am Takuji and Masa's friend!! I have it, too!! Anyway, I need to apologize one thing... I wrote your name on my blog without your permission!!! I'm sorry!! If you mind it, please ask me to delete it!!
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