Tuesday, July 05, 2005


What do you think about tattoo? Do you like it?
I got tattoo on my arm last summer. It was a kind of body paint, but it looked real one!!!!!! A picture I chose was a bird & flower. Actually, I wanted a picture of lily coz my name, Yuri, is lily. However, I didn't have a good sample picture, so a painter recommended me the bird & flower picture, then I decided it. BBBUUUTTT, I had some problems after that!!!! One was prejudice...Many people saw me as a bad person!!!! Tattoo is a symbol of gang, yakuza, in Japan, so Tattoo reminds people of badness and terribleness. I was sad...coz they judged me by only appearances. I had tattoo, but I was NOT a bad person. The tattoo was just fashion in my case.
I have a picture of my tattoo, ask me if you wanna see it!!

I think tattoo is cool! My favorite basket ball player has lots of tattoo on his body. I want to immitate him, but I don't have the brave to do it...
Thank you for reading my blog!
I have never known you habe tatoo on your arm!!! Be careful when you go to hot spring!!! You might be not allowed to tak a bath!lol
Hi Yuri,
Sometimes a tatoo can be sexy, too, I think. Depends where you have it and what kind of tatoo it is. I was thinking about getting a tatoo, too, but I think I am too skinny (except my beer belly) so i don't think it will look nice on me.
I know you had a temporary tatoo last summer because you told your ex classmates about it in Allison's class. I will not have tatoo, but I think no one has right to stop someone having tatoo.
I still now thinking about the country I will go, but maybe SA.
Hello, Yuri!!

I was surprised at your blog because I did not know that you have a tatoo on your arm.
I am also interested in a tatoo, so pleae show me that!!!
It must be cool!! Did you get pain when you have the tatoo on your arm?? Can you erase the tatoo if you want to do that??
Please tell me that too!!
See you★
I didn't know you had a tatoo either! Do you ever get refused entrance into a public bath or an onsen? If you go to Canada, you don't have to worry, because you can go into the hotsprings even if you have tatoos!
Hi, Yuri~ I wanna try a tattoo!! It is so cool and fashionable^^ I wanna try one which disapear for a month in this summer.
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