Saturday, July 16, 2005


Hi, everyone!!!!!!! How's your weekend?!!!!!!!!!!
Mine is very exciting!!!!!!!!!!! coz I'm in my home, Hiroshima, now!!! I returned home on Friday after school and I'm gonna stay in here this weekend! Now, I'm really happy to stay here coz I'm with my dad and mom!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Today, I went shopping and watched a movie with my mom. We often go shopping and chat like friends. Tomorrow, I'm gonna go out with my old friend and we're gonna go to our favorite bar. I'm looking forward to meeting her. So, I may not sleep tonight!!!!!!!! My home is like a heaven coz I can eat nice food, relax in a big house...and I can speak in dialect, Hiroshima-ben!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway, I wanna enjoy this weekend more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think my weekend would be terrible because I have to study! A law class I'm taking this semester is very hard, and I didn't study for it...
Any way, enjoy your home town! I envy you because you can't eat Hiroshima-yaki!
Hello, Yuri!
I was surprised to see your blog!
Why are you in Hiroshima now!?
Don't you have to study for tests??lol
Anyway, that is sooo good that you have a good time with your family!!
I am looking forward to going on a trip to a foreign country with you during a summer vacation!!
hey yuri!!! that's awesome that you are at home!! and having relax and fun time there :)
i wish i could hear you speaking "hiroshima ben" more by the time i leave to US, but there's only 1 day left to see you at school... >.< that's sad... i started to get to know you and i have to leave jap... noooo waaaaay↓↓
anyway, have a nice time in your house in Hiroshima with your family and friends!!
see ya on tuesday♪
I want to hear your HIROSHIMA-ben! Why don't you speak in HIROSHIMA-ben? I think that is very cool we have different pronounciation!!Anywya, let's have fun in last Eng.II class tomorrow!!
you are in hiroshima? do not you have to study for exams?
anyway, i have never been to hiroshima. so i want to go. if i go to hiroshima, please guide me hiroshima!!!!!!
Wow, Yuri! You are now in Hiroshima, aren't you? It's pretty good news!!Have fun, Yuri♪
hi,yuri!! i'm sorry i couldn't write my comments these days. maybe you are in hirakata now.. how was your weekend in hiroshima? you enjoyed wonderful days, didn't you? did you see hiroshima boys?! ha,ha. oh, you can enjoy THE PLACE anytime. the ROTARY!!! do u remember it?! anyway, i'm looking forward to see you again tomorrow!!!!! i wanna talk with you about your hiroshima days, our usual foolish topic, and my tooth(something happend. i'll talk you tomorrow.)!!! see you soon!!
Hi, Yuri!!I envy you.I wanna go back to my hometown. So, I am looking forward to summer vacation! Please tell me funny story about your great mother^^
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