Wednesday, July 13, 2005


I'm interested in fashion so much!!!!!!!!! Do you like fashion?!!!!!
I hope that everyone likes fashion coz it has great power!!!!!! You can express your personality in fashion. Recently, I noticed that many kinds of people visit my store, GAP, so I'm trying to read many magazines and go to other fashion stores to see many clothes. Also, I see other styles of fashion in foreign countries. I like London, NY and LA styles!!!!!!! it is very helpful for me to see other fashion when I talk to customers and give them advice about clothes.
Then, fashin means not only clothes but also bags, shoes, accessoris and cosmetics. I also like them!!!!!! especially, I'm crazy about bags!!!!!!!!! and I have a lot of bags. My favorite one is PORTER. Many students in the college have it because PORTER is really useful and cool, but expensive...
I wanna go shopping!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway, what kinda fashion do you like?
See you.

Hey!!!I'm Naoko Shibuya☆I am also suprised at your blog. I wanted to know this earier(v_v)
Anyway, I'll write down your blog!! I also like fashion very much!!Now there are still a clearance sale, so I want to go shopping more...BBBBBBUUUUUUUUUTTTTTTT!!I don't have much money(+_+)Please help me!! Now is there a sale in GAP? If there are, please have me know★
Hello, Yuri!
I like fashion too! It is fun for me. I like the fashion which makes me look much older than my real age. That is because I could feel as if I were a OL! lol

I also like bags! I often change my bags to go to school. As you know, PORTER which is so cute and convenient is one of them.☆
Hi, I went to your GAP in Umeda! But you were not there... I got new cloths today. But I was really tired by the people in Umeda, as I said on my blog.
Any way, see you tomorrow!
hi, yuri!! thakns your advice!! i could make e-mail and eventually sent it to gaidai!! maybe, i'll have many Qs in this summer or next semister, so i'll ask you!!
then, i'm worrying whether i'll go next love class or not. i wanna talk with dickinson but i couldn't talk smoothly...
by the way, i also care about fashion. i wanna have my own taste, but i can't. my taste is mixed... when i feel class is boreing, i check girls(sometimes boys) fashion. it's fun to me!! you try it! HAHAHA! seeyou!!
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