Saturday, July 09, 2005


How are you doing?
I'm very tired...coz I work and HEP FIVE started summer SSSAAALLLEEE!!!!!!!!!! Today was the busiest day I've ever worked!!!!!!!!!!! I worked 6 hours, and mostly I folded up clothes. I folded up many many many many T shirts!!!!!!!!!! But, it was not easy coz I had to greet customers with a smile when I folded up them, and sometimes the customers asked me Qs...and, above all, the shop was sooooooooooo crowded, so it was hard to move around the shop!!!!!!!!! I couldn't believe the amount of people!!!!!!!!!!! Where did they come from?!!!! Some people carried many shopping bags!! I envied them coz I wanna go to SALE!!!!!! Oops! It's almost time to go to bed coz I'm gonna work tomorrow!! Tomorrow will be also a busy day!!!
Have a nice weekend!! Bye!!!!

Hello, Yuri!☆☆
It is sooo funny that you folded up so many T-shirts!! Yet, I respect you because I cannnot fold up a clothing well. =(
Did you meet also a lot of kids?? I think it is nice because I know you liken kids☆☆
I will visit your shop with my friend some day!

By the way, I also worked yesterday. There were alomost no people at the tennis school where work because of the heavy rain!! I was soooo bored. I had sooo long free time.=( It is interesting that we spent time so differently yesterday, right?
Heeey! it looks like you had a very busy weekend!! I've never been to HEP summer sale. I heard it'S always awfully crowded.
In fact, I have to study for the tests, but I don't feel like ding it coz I'm lazy lately... So, I didn't do anything for the tests this weekend! I bet I won't get a good mark for French. definitely!!!
Thank you for reading my blog!!
It sounds really busy! Maybe I cannot stand it!lol
Someday I want you to teach me how to fold up cloth propaly, because I have a trouble with folding up
cloth after I hold and see it, Whenever I go to shop.
That sounds so hard! If I were in your place, I would stop working and go home.
By the way,I have to buy clothes soon as I said to you before, but I don't have enough money now...
It sounds soooo busy! There are many many people in shopping mall during bargain season. Terrible! The harder you work, the more money you can get, so do your best for part time job. I wanna see you are working. I'm gonna check if you work hard or not.
It sounds like your job has been really hard lately! I was in HEP 5 last weekend, and I had to leave because of all the people. I ended up buying my t-shirts at Uniqlo . . . sorry!
Hi, Yuri! The term of SALE is very busy every year, isn't it? I hate the number of people, but I love the atmosphere!! Because everybody comes to the shops to buy! To buy! I wanna join the hot mood!!!
hi! yuri!! i'm also surprised at your comment!! your comment is really helpful for me! i could relax after reading your comment. did you write pre-mail in WORD? until today, i hesitate to write the mail,but i'll do it now!!
by the way, will you go next dickinson's class?? please tell me. then, thanks for your help!!!!!
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