Saturday, July 23, 2005


Have you ever heard white band? It is a campaign to help poor African children. The poor children are dying once 3 seconds and 30,000 children are dying every day. The symbol of this campaign is just wearing the white band. You can buy it by 300 yen in big book stores, TOWER RECORDS and Franc franc(furniture stores). The campaign is related to G8 that was held in UK this month and LIVE 8 that was held 7 countries on July 2nd. So, many famous people agree to the campaign, for example, Brad Pitt, U2, David Beckham, Hidetoshi Nakata, etc. I hope that many people join the campaign coz it is worldwide and people in developed countries have to consider poor people especially children and help them. If you are interested in the campaign and agree to it, join it and wear the white band. Also, you can check website!!

Saturday, July 16, 2005


Hi, everyone!!!!!!! How's your weekend?!!!!!!!!!!
Mine is very exciting!!!!!!!!!!! coz I'm in my home, Hiroshima, now!!! I returned home on Friday after school and I'm gonna stay in here this weekend! Now, I'm really happy to stay here coz I'm with my dad and mom!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Today, I went shopping and watched a movie with my mom. We often go shopping and chat like friends. Tomorrow, I'm gonna go out with my old friend and we're gonna go to our favorite bar. I'm looking forward to meeting her. So, I may not sleep tonight!!!!!!!! My home is like a heaven coz I can eat nice food, relax in a big house...and I can speak in dialect, Hiroshima-ben!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway, I wanna enjoy this weekend more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2005


I'm interested in fashion so much!!!!!!!!! Do you like fashion?!!!!!
I hope that everyone likes fashion coz it has great power!!!!!! You can express your personality in fashion. Recently, I noticed that many kinds of people visit my store, GAP, so I'm trying to read many magazines and go to other fashion stores to see many clothes. Also, I see other styles of fashion in foreign countries. I like London, NY and LA styles!!!!!!! it is very helpful for me to see other fashion when I talk to customers and give them advice about clothes.
Then, fashin means not only clothes but also bags, shoes, accessoris and cosmetics. I also like them!!!!!! especially, I'm crazy about bags!!!!!!!!! and I have a lot of bags. My favorite one is PORTER. Many students in the college have it because PORTER is really useful and cool, but expensive...
I wanna go shopping!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway, what kinda fashion do you like?
See you.

Saturday, July 09, 2005


How are you doing?
I'm very tired...coz I work and HEP FIVE started summer SSSAAALLLEEE!!!!!!!!!! Today was the busiest day I've ever worked!!!!!!!!!!! I worked 6 hours, and mostly I folded up clothes. I folded up many many many many T shirts!!!!!!!!!! But, it was not easy coz I had to greet customers with a smile when I folded up them, and sometimes the customers asked me Qs...and, above all, the shop was sooooooooooo crowded, so it was hard to move around the shop!!!!!!!!! I couldn't believe the amount of people!!!!!!!!!!! Where did they come from?!!!! Some people carried many shopping bags!! I envied them coz I wanna go to SALE!!!!!! Oops! It's almost time to go to bed coz I'm gonna work tomorrow!! Tomorrow will be also a busy day!!!
Have a nice weekend!! Bye!!!!

Tuesday, July 05, 2005


What do you think about tattoo? Do you like it?
I got tattoo on my arm last summer. It was a kind of body paint, but it looked real one!!!!!! A picture I chose was a bird & flower. Actually, I wanted a picture of lily coz my name, Yuri, is lily. However, I didn't have a good sample picture, so a painter recommended me the bird & flower picture, then I decided it. BBBUUUTTT, I had some problems after that!!!! One was prejudice...Many people saw me as a bad person!!!! Tattoo is a symbol of gang, yakuza, in Japan, so Tattoo reminds people of badness and terribleness. I was sad...coz they judged me by only appearances. I had tattoo, but I was NOT a bad person. The tattoo was just fashion in my case.
I have a picture of my tattoo, ask me if you wanna see it!!

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