Wednesday, June 29, 2005


Who do you wanna stay with the last day of the world?
Today, I watched a movie that was "WAR OF THE WORLDS" with my friend, Aya!! The movie was screened from today all over the world!! It was a soooooooooooo terrific movie!!!!!!! After the movie, we were shocked that each scene was toooooooooo real. I don't wanna tell the story in here coz I want all you guys to watch it. The movie reminded me of mmmaaannnyyy things, for example, importance of family, weakness of human beings and terror of aliens... Are there any aliens in the space?!!!!! If there were, I wanna see them and talk to them!!!!! However, aliens in the movie were very scary, so If the aliens attacked us, I would escape, escape, escape and escape from them!!!!!!!! Anyway, you guys should watch "WAR OF THE WORLDS" right now!!!!!!!!!! When you watch it, you should NOT eat popcorn!!!!!! Just watching!!!!!!!!!
Finally, Thank you for the awesome movie, Spielberg!!!!!

Hi, Yuri! It sounds interesting! I want to live as usual even if the last day of the world.
Hi, Yuri.
Was the movie so good??? I'll try it if I can find partner to go with. Where is your recommending place to watch movie??
Heeey!! that's so fantastic that we wrote the same thing on the blog!! aliens in the movie were really disgiusting and so scary to look at. I don't wanna be eaten by them! give me my blood back!!!!
anyway, the movie was so nice. talk about this later in the class.
I think I can join the party at the end of july, but I'm not sure yet.

see you soon!!
Hi,yuri!!I'm oshabou!i can't say my real name cuz I am T....
...It's joke, you know!Hi,yuri!(again) I'm Aya. Thank you so much yesterday!I really enjoyed watching the movie with you!! I also enjoyed talking!!!!it was funny about driver of the bus!!He drove very hard for you!
Oh, hey!I bursted out laughing when I saw your comment on my blog!!!Mr.Tokuji is cool guy, isn't he?!He will participate in your class' party, maybe!!
Wow, you succeeded to find our special text!!Coooool!!!I wanna see it again soon!especially the drawing of "oshare-omaru"!!!See ya!
hi,yuri! is it really that you couldn't see MALCOME(marukome)?! oh..that's too bad..but maybe the next time you will see him! and if you saw him, you could take him to our univ. anytime! i'll say 'hello.' instead of your mom(yuri-mama)! ha,ha.
i'll bring THE family tree(kakeizu) tomorrow!COOOOOL!! see ya!
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