Wednesday, June 22, 2005


....HELLO, GUYS....
How are you doing? I am super fine!!!!!!!
Which do you like Urban Life or Rural Life? I like Urban Life very much!!!!!!!!!! I can't imagine my Rural Life!! There are some reasons why I prefer Urban is that I've never lived in a rural area, so when I moved to Hirakata, I was very surprised that there are rice fields near my apartment!! Awful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I sometimes think that I wanna live in Osaka city!!!!!!!! The next reason is that Rural Life makes me impatient. When I was a kid, I visited my grand parents house during summer vacation. I could stay there for a fer days, but I felt lonely later a few days. I always feel be lost to the world while I stay in a rural area coz I can't see trend goods, instead I can see great nature...but I'm not happy about it. Moreover, transportation in there is inconvenient!! A bus comes once an hour...Unbelievable!!!!!!!! So, in the future, I wanna live in Urban Area so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Yuri,

Lucky Aya, ね. I bet she will find somebody there. You like city life more? I don't know, city life is fine, but life in teh country is nice, too. When I was in Yamanashi I really enjoyed it because it was quiet and peaceful. PLus, there is no garbage on the street and I think that the air is cleaner, too. But yea, in Osaka there is much more to do. Lots of clubs, shops, and places like that.
Hi,Yuri!! This is aya. YOUR AYA! ha,ha. It's my first comment, so please overlook my mistake. Anyway, how wonderful your blog is! So cooooool!! I wanna make my blog too. (Someday I'll make it.) Oh, I saw Daniel's comment! After writing this, I'll go to Daniel's blog too. I wanna talk with Yuri and Daniel again.
I'm looking forward to tomorrow's shopping with you. See you!
Hi, Yuri! I like Urban life but sometimes I miss Rural life. Because I feel stressed in crowd. Sometimes I feel like I want to be alone, so I don't really know which is better for me. I want half and half both.
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