Thursday, June 23, 2005


I have many my favorite songs!!!!!! One is NUMB by Linkin Park!!!!! Have you guys heard it?!!!!!! The song is really COOL!!!!!! The type of the song is like mixture music including rock, Hip-Hop and R&B...mainly rock. Linkin Park's music is very grate, and also they are gooooooood band!!!!!! Moreover, one of the members is Japanese American, so I like him very mmmmuuuucccchhhh!!!!!!!! If you don't know them, you should listen it!! Another one is THIS LOVE by Maroon5!!!!! It is also nice music!!!!!!!! The vocal has unique voice. This song is a sad love song, but it sounds HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!! In addition, they got Grammy Award last year. Both of them, Linkin Park & Maroon5, are from US. I prefer American music to J-pop!!!!!!!!! coz the music sounds exciting!!!!!!!!!!

I don know the song very much,but sounds attractive! BUT, don't forget the Korean song we can listen in the movie,Love story!!!By the way, I can't wait July 2nd and meeting Cho Sunnu in the theater(^^)See you!
Hi, Yuri!!
I had a great time, today. Thank you!!!!
I also love Linkin Park! They are cool!! Let's talk about them someday. I'm looking forward to the day. See ya!
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