Tuesday, June 28, 2005


How's it going, guys?
Today, I went to Mr.Bond's office to do a presentation. He is my communicative English teacher. I didn't talk to him very much in class, and I didn't know what kind of person he was before visiting his office, so I was anxious a little bit. I talked about an article about New Industry in Brazil for first 10 minutes. It was not nervous time but...interesting!! We talked about a problem of Brazil and other diveloping countries except the story of the article. After that, we talked about Summer Project that is like summer vacation homework. I chose a topic about GAP, but I may change it if I find a better topic. He gave me good advice about preparing Summer Project. I think that he must be a gooooood and kkkkiiiinnnndddd teacher. But I can't enjoy his class sometimes...coz students can't talk a lot in English in class, so finally I told him 'I wanna speak English more in class!!!!!!!!' Then we talked about plans for summer vacation, his family my job...it was intersting time!!!!!!!!!
And also, I ate out with my friends tonight, and we had sooooooooooo great time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You guys are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi, Yuri. You finished interview,didn't you? That's good, and Mr.Bond is good person! I also didn't talk with Mr. Bond. Because I heard your story, I can do the presentation without stress.
Anyway, tomorrow is Korean class.It's difficult,but enjoy it!!
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