Thursday, June 16, 2005


LOVE...What do you think of it?
It's a very difficult question, isn't it? One of the classes I take is studying "LOVE". The textbook is the English book, "Love" by Toni Morrison. I read it and write an essay about the story as homework. The book is really hard coz it is normal English book, so it's complicated for me to understand it!!!! Moreover, many students dropped out the class after first class and there are about 10 students now. Anyway, my first essay was about "LOVE". I couldn't complete it soon coz "LOVE" was too big & deep and I had never thought it seriously. I think that people can't live without "LOVE" and there are many types of "LOVE" such as Family Love, Friends Love and Men & Women Love...!!!!!!! The class and book are difficult, but I try it and I'll be an expert on "LOVE"!!!!!!!!...maybe.
See you! Have a nice weekend!!!!!!

Hey, Yuri. Thank you for helping me on choosing the topic of a report!!!
Love is too difficult for me to understand. If you can be a expert of love, please give me some advice about love!
I know you work hard with trouble on the class,LOVE!! If I were you I already gave up the subject. Last year, I took verrrrrrry difficult subject,History. Maybe it is as difficult as LOVE.I could manage to get enough score, my feeling became full of confidence and achievement(^^)
Keep going!GOOD LUCK☆
Hi Yuri!
Long time no hear! This time I will write in english a little bit. I still have no girlfriend, sob, sob. How about you? Did you talk to Thomas? OH, how is Aya doing? I still study Japanese, but by myself only, so it is becoming poor. Anyways, I'll visit your blog later. See ya!
My freinds dropped out that class! They were always complaining about the class because the main topic is love though the class is "current english." it might be difficult to learn deeply about love, but worth learning it i think. Good luck!!

If you wear black kimono, you'll be outstanding! You can try! Be GOKUDOU NO ONNA!!! I wore pink one though pink is not my favorite color.
really? i also miss them. i met mitsuho when we had a inteview test for studying abroad.
Hi !
I did my Chinese test better than before! If you are interested in Chinese, i will lend you my text book, so tell me, ha ha !
By the way, the course about LOVE seems to be interesting!
See ya!
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