Sunday, June 12, 2005


Howdy, partner!!!!!
How was your weekend? I was very busy coz I worked Sat & Sun and I went shopping in Shinsaibashi with my brother. By the way, do you like your coworkers? My answer is...YES!!! coz my co-workers are very unique!!!!! Especially my boss is so GREAT & COOL!!!! He gave me good advice when I was worried about the job. He's very kind!!!! Other mates are very fashionable, moreover female mates are cute and males are cool!!!!! so I wanna be fashionable like them!! However, I haven't remembered all of their names yet coz there are about 100 people in my store!!!!!!!! Do you believe it?!!!! I am proud of them coz all of them work as a professional clerk. When you visit GAP, you will certainly enjoy shopping!!! see you l8r!!!!!!!!

You seem to enjoy your part time job. it's goood! Which GAP shop are you working, shinsaibashi? i've been to there two times. i like GAP because cheap and fashionable i think. you can buy clothes cheaper than usual using staff's prevelege, can't you? i envy U.
hi yuri!! thank you for putting comment on my blog♪
i also wanna talk to you more before i go to US and study "hirosimaben"!!! i haven't learned a lot yet though...
i'll definitely visit GAP while you are working before i go to US!! your co-workers seem nice!! i think my friend is working there too. i'm not sure she's still working there or not though... her name is natsuki. do you know her??
i'm not sure yet when i'll leave but i think i'll leave around 29th of August which is not early!!
anyway, see you at school☆
That's amazing that there are over 100 people who work in your shop! It sounds like a really great opportunity to meet a lot of fun people. I am wearing a Gap shirt right now . . .
I love my co-workers in Izumiya. But I quite the part-time job today... I miss them. Instead of part-time job, I am going to go to gym!!! I'm sure that I'll get a beautiful body before summer comes.
Hello, Yuri. I envy you!! Because your part time job sounds very interesting and there are lots of good coworkers!! Moreover, there are many cool men(^o^)b I wanna listen more about your job. So, if something interesting happens, please tell me!!
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