Thursday, June 30, 2005


Hey, Class 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Do you guys study hard?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! By the way, some of us are planning to have a Class3 PARTY on Friday, JULY 29...the last day of exams!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do you wanna JJJJOOOOIIIINNNN????? If you wanna do, please comment on this post soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wanna know how many people can join the party. I haven't decided the place yet...maybe in Hirakata. I hope that all of you guys join the party!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ask me on the blog, mail or in class, if you have Qs!!

Let's have fun at the party!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, Yuri. That's a good idea, I think. I'll join it, maybe! Let's have fun.
Of course, I am in!!! I also hope everyone come to this party !!I wonder how many people leave their comment here. If all of us join and wrote comment, the sign which shows how many comments is on mark 26!! It is amazing!!
Of course I will join it, too!! Hope everyone can have a party together. Oh, I have to say to my boss that I can't work on that day!!
Hi, Yuri. Yuka imunida^^ I will join the party. Let's enjoy the party and talk a lot!!
Hi, Yuri!
I want to join the party!!! So, if you decide the date of the party, please tell me soon because I have to move to Kobe after the exam.

I rally want to join the party,however,I cannot do that because I have my part time job the day. =( It makes me so sad. Have fun!!
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I wanna go to the party, too!
Have fun!
hi,yuri. its saori from last class 3! thanks for ur lovely comment and sorry for not writing u back so soon....

btw, sounds good having class party! but u should join next friday's party of last 3's party!!! got it??
I go!!
Hi, Yuri!!I'm happy to leave my comment on your blog!!As I sent e mail, I can't join this party! Because of my Boss!! It's terrible(>_<)Have fun~~♪See you(^o^)/
Hi!!! I'm sure i join the party!!!
sorry for late blog comment!!!
Sorry to be late to reply to you. I'll join the party! I'm looking forward to it!!
hello yuri!!! i'm really sorry to tell sent this... please let me join in this party!! this might be the last party for me to have with class 3 mates before i go to US(>.<;)
anyway let's have fun!!
Sorry! I said i could go, but i came to have to do a part time job on that day..
Have a good time,guys(ToT)/~~~
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