Thursday, June 30, 2005


Hey, Class 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Do you guys study hard?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! By the way, some of us are planning to have a Class3 PARTY on Friday, JULY 29...the last day of exams!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do you wanna JJJJOOOOIIIINNNN????? If you wanna do, please comment on this post soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wanna know how many people can join the party. I haven't decided the place yet...maybe in Hirakata. I hope that all of you guys join the party!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ask me on the blog, mail or in class, if you have Qs!!

Let's have fun at the party!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 29, 2005


Who do you wanna stay with the last day of the world?
Today, I watched a movie that was "WAR OF THE WORLDS" with my friend, Aya!! The movie was screened from today all over the world!! It was a soooooooooooo terrific movie!!!!!!! After the movie, we were shocked that each scene was toooooooooo real. I don't wanna tell the story in here coz I want all you guys to watch it. The movie reminded me of mmmaaannnyyy things, for example, importance of family, weakness of human beings and terror of aliens... Are there any aliens in the space?!!!!! If there were, I wanna see them and talk to them!!!!! However, aliens in the movie were very scary, so If the aliens attacked us, I would escape, escape, escape and escape from them!!!!!!!! Anyway, you guys should watch "WAR OF THE WORLDS" right now!!!!!!!!!! When you watch it, you should NOT eat popcorn!!!!!! Just watching!!!!!!!!!
Finally, Thank you for the awesome movie, Spielberg!!!!!

Tuesday, June 28, 2005


How's it going, guys?
Today, I went to Mr.Bond's office to do a presentation. He is my communicative English teacher. I didn't talk to him very much in class, and I didn't know what kind of person he was before visiting his office, so I was anxious a little bit. I talked about an article about New Industry in Brazil for first 10 minutes. It was not nervous time but...interesting!! We talked about a problem of Brazil and other diveloping countries except the story of the article. After that, we talked about Summer Project that is like summer vacation homework. I chose a topic about GAP, but I may change it if I find a better topic. He gave me good advice about preparing Summer Project. I think that he must be a gooooood and kkkkiiiinnnndddd teacher. But I can't enjoy his class sometimes...coz students can't talk a lot in English in class, so finally I told him 'I wanna speak English more in class!!!!!!!!' Then we talked about plans for summer vacation, his family my was intersting time!!!!!!!!!
And also, I ate out with my friends tonight, and we had sooooooooooo great time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You guys are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, June 23, 2005


I have many my favorite songs!!!!!! One is NUMB by Linkin Park!!!!! Have you guys heard it?!!!!!! The song is really COOL!!!!!! The type of the song is like mixture music including rock, Hip-Hop and R&B...mainly rock. Linkin Park's music is very grate, and also they are gooooooood band!!!!!! Moreover, one of the members is Japanese American, so I like him very mmmmuuuucccchhhh!!!!!!!! If you don't know them, you should listen it!! Another one is THIS LOVE by Maroon5!!!!! It is also nice music!!!!!!!! The vocal has unique voice. This song is a sad love song, but it sounds HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!! In addition, they got Grammy Award last year. Both of them, Linkin Park & Maroon5, are from US. I prefer American music to J-pop!!!!!!!!! coz the music sounds exciting!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2005


....HELLO, GUYS....
How are you doing? I am super fine!!!!!!!
Which do you like Urban Life or Rural Life? I like Urban Life very much!!!!!!!!!! I can't imagine my Rural Life!! There are some reasons why I prefer Urban is that I've never lived in a rural area, so when I moved to Hirakata, I was very surprised that there are rice fields near my apartment!! Awful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I sometimes think that I wanna live in Osaka city!!!!!!!! The next reason is that Rural Life makes me impatient. When I was a kid, I visited my grand parents house during summer vacation. I could stay there for a fer days, but I felt lonely later a few days. I always feel be lost to the world while I stay in a rural area coz I can't see trend goods, instead I can see great nature...but I'm not happy about it. Moreover, transportation in there is inconvenient!! A bus comes once an hour...Unbelievable!!!!!!!! So, in the future, I wanna live in Urban Area so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, June 16, 2005


LOVE...What do you think of it?
It's a very difficult question, isn't it? One of the classes I take is studying "LOVE". The textbook is the English book, "Love" by Toni Morrison. I read it and write an essay about the story as homework. The book is really hard coz it is normal English book, so it's complicated for me to understand it!!!! Moreover, many students dropped out the class after first class and there are about 10 students now. Anyway, my first essay was about "LOVE". I couldn't complete it soon coz "LOVE" was too big & deep and I had never thought it seriously. I think that people can't live without "LOVE" and there are many types of "LOVE" such as Family Love, Friends Love and Men & Women Love...!!!!!!! The class and book are difficult, but I try it and I'll be an expert on "LOVE"!!!!!!!!...maybe.
See you! Have a nice weekend!!!!!!

Sunday, June 12, 2005


Howdy, partner!!!!!
How was your weekend? I was very busy coz I worked Sat & Sun and I went shopping in Shinsaibashi with my brother. By the way, do you like your coworkers? My answer is...YES!!! coz my co-workers are very unique!!!!! Especially my boss is so GREAT & COOL!!!! He gave me good advice when I was worried about the job. He's very kind!!!! Other mates are very fashionable, moreover female mates are cute and males are cool!!!!! so I wanna be fashionable like them!! However, I haven't remembered all of their names yet coz there are about 100 people in my store!!!!!!!! Do you believe it?!!!! I am proud of them coz all of them work as a professional clerk. When you visit GAP, you will certainly enjoy shopping!!! see you l8r!!!!!!!!

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