Monday, May 30, 2005


Hello, guys!!!!!!
I am very looking forward to one thing. That's a soccer game which is "Japan vs Bahrain" this Friday!!!!!!!!! I really wanna watch it, but Japan national team is in bad condition recently. They lost 2 games last week, so I'm worried about the next game cuz this is a very very important game!!! I want them to win the game!!!!!!!!!!! Then, my favorite player is KAJI, but few people know him...that's sad. He's DF and a so cool player!!!!! I heard that he's from Hyogo. Also, I like Nakata and Ono cuz they play very well and they are very popular in Japan. Moreover, Nakata's fashion is cool!! 3 years ago, I watched the Word Cup Game in a studium. That was so exciting!!!!!!! And my high school was famous for soccer, so we watched Japan's game instead of classes in school. It sounds so crazy, doesn't it?!!!!!! Anyway, I can't wait this Friday!!!!!!!!!!! Do you like soccer? And who's your favorite player?
I wanna see Japan's GOOOOOOAL!!!!!!!!

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You are cool! because you were absent of class to see soccer! I also like soccer very much and my favorite player is Ono!!! He is really cool and plays it very well! I was suprised that you have been in a stadium to see World Cup.
I really envy you!
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I'm sorry but I don't know much about soccer. So please tell me about soccer! I hope I can share your enthusiasm for soccer.
Hi Yuri,

Thanks for commenting on my blog. How do you like Scott's class?

No, I don't know anything about soccer. But when I was 13 I broke a boy's nose by kicking him in the face during a soccer game. I'm a very dangerous soccer player. lol
Hi! I didn't know you like soccer! I prefer soccer to baseball coz I can not only enjoy watching it, but also playing! so I like soccer! I wish I could have showed you my super-play in sports class in high school! My classmates and I were awesome!
Did you hear about ONO by the way? He broke his leg! I can't beleive it!
hey!! are you watching the game now??? i think you do:) by concidering how much you love soccer. but you said you have a work, so maybe you miss a bit of it...
how's your work by the way? was it busy? i hope to hear a happy news that japan wins the game tomorrow though and your happy voice to tell me that too in school♪
see ya on engII!!
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