Monday, May 16, 2005


Do you like McDonald's ?
My answer is "NO". Correctly, I liked Mcdonald's 3 months ago and often ate in there. But I haven't eaten since I watched a movie. It is "Super Size Me". The story was that a man had eaten McDonald's foods for a month. He must not eat foods except McDonald's. He had Mcdonald's salada and dessert...even water!! Probably, you guess waht happened to his health. After watching the movie, on my way home, I saw McDonald's shop. I felt sick and bad. Smell, foods, shops and the letter of M make me feel worse. Unfortunately, there is McDonald's in our college, so I have to see McDonald's everyday and my friends sometimes ask me to go there. Of course, I don't go there. But, today I tried to eat McDonald's with my friend after school because suddenly I felt like eating French Fries. But I felt bad again in the shop, so I left and I didn't eat. I don't like McDonald's, but I wanna eat again someday!!!
HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hey yuri!! i feel sorry for you... haha(^.^) i don' say i love Mc ,but i like it!!! Mc is easier for me to eat rather than eating in cafeteria because Mc is handy♪ if you can't buy Mc because of the smells of the shop, i'm happy to go and buy it for ya☆★ BUT i guess we don't have same break times...↓↓ it'll be nice if i can talk with you more while eating Mc, eh??? so, see ya at EngII class♪”
Hi,it's Miyuki. I am sorry too that I asked you to go to Mc last Sunday. What is worse, I ate Mc foods in front of you. I will try to find the best way that you will not be afraid of Mc. How about starting to work at Mc? The proverb,"When in Rome, do as the Romans do." might help you.
Hi! As you know I work at McDonal's. But I can't say it is nutritious food... It's nothing but JUNK FOOD!! There are many fat customers who go to MacDnald's. As miyuki said, if you are interested in working at Mc, feel free to ask me(^^)I welcome you!
Anyway, I like Mosburger better than Mc☆
I've seen that movie too, and it totally put me off McDonalds. I've never really liked McDonalds (for political reasons), but now I even like it less. But then again, sometimes I'm a hypocrite and I eat McDonald's food. life is so difficult!
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