Wednesday, May 25, 2005


Do you like KIDS ?

I become to like kids recently.
Many kids come to my store, so I always communicate with them. I ask them many Qs, for example, "How old are you ?", "What's your favorite subject ?" and "Where did you go with your mom ?" They always answer the Qs. Both boys & girls are very very very CUTE!!!!! They are really honest. And also, they sometimes tell me interesting things such as a story about Pocket Monster and her favorite boy in the school (Love Story!!) . Last week, one boy asked me "Where do you live?". I was so surprised at it and I said "I live in Osaka."(that's too general 'cause I was surprised) He responded "Me too!!" Maybe, he was just curious about adult people.
Also I am surprised that most of them they are strict about fashion!! They choose their clothes by themselves. They say "I absolutely want the green one!!!!!" and "I don't wanna wear pink clothes anymore!!!!" Actually, they have great power!!!!!!!!

By the way, I dropped my iPod yesterday...I was worried whether it worked well or not because I've already dropped 3 times!!!!
OH NO!!!
I live in Osaka too!!!!!!!!!!!
Hey Yuri!! This is my first time to visit your blog! I like the way you make your blog because it's cute!

You like kids?! I don't dislike them, but some of kids get very fresh with us aren't they? so simetimes i hate them....
BUT I love babies!!!! I can't help smiling at them when I see babies!!
Hello!!Yuri! I was very surprised, because your blog is so cuuuuute!!
I like children,too(^.^)Their way of talking is very lovable.
Thanks for your comment on my blog!!I went to the internship meeting, too. It was interesting for me, I wanna apply for an internship(^w^)!
By the way, your work seems to be fun! I like small kids, too!
Thank you for your visit my blog!!
I like kids too!
There is a Nimatuya near my house, so I can meet many kids there.
You are enjoying your job in GAP!!
I envy you, because you can get cool GAP goods in special price!!!
But I can eat bread as much as I want!!
We have nice jobs!!
Thank you for visiting my blog! Your blog is really cute!!(>u<) I like it.
I don't dislike children, but I'm annoyed with them, if they start making much noise or crying, when I study or read something in the train. But if I have my own baby in the future, I will love my baby!
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