Friday, April 22, 2005

My job is GAP

I work at GAP as a part time job.
It's fun !! but it's sometimes hard and busy.
I worked day before yesterday.
And new goods were arrived !!
Those are T-shirts, capri pants, flip-flop, bags...and more !!
They look so cute and cool !!
I like seeing new goods because I feel new.
Of course, I bought new goods !
If you have Qs about coordinates and fashion, Please ASK ME !
I'm gonna work this weekend.
Have a NICE weekend!!
I'm sure now you are in dream deeply. You choose a job that you are interested in. As for me, my job has nothing to do with my interesting. I focused on the money(^^;)and place. But i enjoy working because there are many people who help me kindly.i think communication between the menber of any kinds of jobs is very important!
Hi, Yuri!
I want to see your boss,Mr.Konoue!! Aren't you exhausted every time? Becouse you go to Osaka station whenever you have a job, I worry about it. Please take a rest♪ And let's talk about LOVE again!!(>▽<)
what's up!! How's thing? My friend use to work GAP in Hep!! So I know some of work!! Is that hard for you? Enjoy your work!!
Hi~ I hailed from the comment you left in my blog~! Thank you for your visit! Have a good time~!
Hello Yuri! Thank you for your reply with my blog!!
You must be happy that you work at where you want to work. Though I work at Izumiya and doing kitchen work, I really wanted to a cram school teacher. I really want to be a teacher! But I'm not good at Math and I failed employing test... However! I never give up my dream to be a teacher! Anyway, keep a good work!
Here I am again! We had a lunch together today. Next time, if I had a chance to go to the dining no.3, I would try Genmai ice♪
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