Thursday, April 14, 2005

My Goals for English2

Hi, everyone!
School was started last week.
I wanna improve my English skill.
I mean I wanna speak English and write essay in English very well.
And I wanna go abroad this year and make friends in other countries.
Hi, Yuri. I'm glad to be in the same class with you again! I hope we can enjoy our new class with new members.
Hello Yuri, I am Yuri too! I know that 'yuri' is not unusual name, but this is my first time to find other 'yuri' since I entered Uni. So exciting^^! what kanji is your name? My yuri's 'yu' is 'friend' and 'ri' is sience. It is ateji though. I love my name^^, do you?
i also wanna go abroad!! i know you went to Korea,so where do u wanna go next? if you don't know where you wanna go, i recommend Austoralia. u can see brilliant sea there. u should check it out before you die!!ha ha ha(笑)
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