Friday, April 29, 2005

Golden Week

Hi, guys!!!!!!
Golden Week was started. What are you gonna do? I'm gonna work and hang out with my friends. Today, first day of Golden Week, I worked. Today was very very BUSY!!!!! So many people visited HEP FIVE. I was surprised at it because I had never seen such a scene! Also, it was a hot day, so most of them bought T-shirts and tank tops. So, I almost explained T-shirts to customers. It was a really hard day, but it was also exciting and interesting day!! Because if I work hard and do well during Golden Week, I will have confidence that I can work even a busy day. I believe it!! I really ENJOY my job recently!! When customers bought goods I explained and they said "Thank you!" with smile, I was so HAPPY!!!!!!! I wanna say in here "THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!" to the customers. By the way, yesterday, I had a drinking party with class3 girls and we talked, talked...and talked!!! It was good time! We became close friends. So, I hope that we'll do again with all of the class3 girls.
Have a nice Golden Week!
Good job on GAP! I also had a job today.
There are always millions of customers in HEP FIVE, so I don't want to go there in holiday like today.What I can see in the Hep in holiday is customers rather than clothing,isn't it?
You seemed to work very hard. In contrast, today there are fewer customers as usual at my work. Now my shop has been arranged to new style. Although it is opend, I think many people may think it is closed.I think this is good, because I am always in panic at peek time!! Today's sales may be half as usual,I guess. The manager was crying(**)
Anyway,I'm getting used to doing how to work without wasting time. Let's work hard at different place♪ 
Wow!! I was really surprised to know that your 'Yuri' is the same 'Yuri' as mine! You don't see 'friend''science' Yuri, don't you? Let's enjoy our names^^. I was very busy, but enjoyed myself at the Food Expo during GW too^^. So what kinda T-shirt do you recommend this year? I wish I can buy some more if I can find cheap ones!
HEP FIVE is insanely busy sometimes. It's amazing! I buy clothes at the Gap in Hep Five sometimes. The Gap is just about the only store that has clothes that fit me! I guess I'm too big!
hey YURI!!!!! how are ya?? i've been very busy this week and next week too...(;.;) i have to write an essay...↓↓ you work in GAP!!?? i often go to HEP and GAP, so i might see you working there one day♪ the next time girls in class3 have drinking party i really wanna join that!!!!!!!!! so please tell me(^.^)/
i was reeeeeally surprised that you read "The Giver", because i read that book too when i was freshman!!! similarities i found between you and me, eh?? not Canada and Japan haha☆ i'm lookin forward to learn "hirosimaben" from you!!! so i can speak it when i talk to you!! i gotta go now so see you on tuesday☆★
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