Friday, April 29, 2005

Golden Week

Hi, guys!!!!!!
Golden Week was started. What are you gonna do? I'm gonna work and hang out with my friends. Today, first day of Golden Week, I worked. Today was very very BUSY!!!!! So many people visited HEP FIVE. I was surprised at it because I had never seen such a scene! Also, it was a hot day, so most of them bought T-shirts and tank tops. So, I almost explained T-shirts to customers. It was a really hard day, but it was also exciting and interesting day!! Because if I work hard and do well during Golden Week, I will have confidence that I can work even a busy day. I believe it!! I really ENJOY my job recently!! When customers bought goods I explained and they said "Thank you!" with smile, I was so HAPPY!!!!!!! I wanna say in here "THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!" to the customers. By the way, yesterday, I had a drinking party with class3 girls and we talked, talked...and talked!!! It was good time! We became close friends. So, I hope that we'll do again with all of the class3 girls.
Have a nice Golden Week!

Friday, April 22, 2005

My job is GAP

I work at GAP as a part time job.
It's fun !! but it's sometimes hard and busy.
I worked day before yesterday.
And new goods were arrived !!
Those are T-shirts, capri pants, flip-flop, bags...and more !!
They look so cute and cool !!
I like seeing new goods because I feel new.
Of course, I bought new goods !
If you have Qs about coordinates and fashion, Please ASK ME !
I'm gonna work this weekend.
Have a NICE weekend!!

Thursday, April 14, 2005

My Goals for English2

Hi, everyone!
School was started last week.
I wanna improve my English skill.
I mean I wanna speak English and write essay in English very well.
And I wanna go abroad this year and make friends in other countries.

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